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Traditionally, self development & Yoga is taught one-on-one with a Teacher passing down both verbally and visually the learnt and practiced yoga postures and associated wisdom's that will be meaningful to each individual. Yoga is not a set of movements but rather a consciousness with a tradition that dates back to the ancients times of Egypt (long before India). Today private classes are still the best way to learn. Unfortunately with the rapid growth of the yoga industry and crash courses to become a Yoga teacher has lead to both the teacher and the students not learning anything apart from a routine and a sequence of movements.

On these personal retreats we will journey into the real meaning of what yoga is and how to actually make it work. We will travel back to the basic fundamentals and explore (or re-explore) beginners yoga. With the knowledge i will teach, if chosen, be able to incorporate this understanding into any situation in daily life and if choosing to practice yoga, be able to integrate the learnt knowledge into any style of yoga.

Whilst exploring self we will look at the deeper mind. What is the mind doing ? what should the mind be thinking? Where am i emotionally? How can this all work for me?- We will look at ourselves as a whole and explore ourselves mentally emotionally physically or in any other dimension that may be appropriate - we will look at the yogic philosophy and begin to truly see the magnitude of it . We will workshop and begin to understand how to put it all together so the changes needed to be made in life can be achieved.

Upon our introduction, having a good chat, getting to know each other and feeling comfortable, we can dissect the program, look what were doing, how you may like the program to unfold and re-construct each day to work if needed. I Generally plan each day will follow from the other, however it is our unique program, it is tailor made daily and needs to be kept flexible to accommodate your unique personal needs as they arise.

Addressed through the week are specific issues about the connection of mind emotions and yoga philosophy of the two. Exploring into deeply understanding how to move ourselves through the many obstacles which stop us from realizing our full self.- the focus will be on things that matter to you. Sometimes people want to talk about stresses and tensions, depressions and different anxious issues which may arise - and learn tools how to deal with and eventually eliminate the thoughts from our life.

We will be exploring pranayama- the true art of breathing and all its benefits, be looking at meditation and all the different methods and working through all the whys and how's taking the mystery out of it all. we will be looking deeply into yogic philosophy,the internal body and mind from both a energetic and physical perspective.

We will explore how to piece together all the tools we need so that the quality of life is enhanced consciously be able to contribute to the realization of how to turn what we want into reality.

Personal yoga retreats are experiences, journeys about learning all the secret mystery's, both medically and mentally of how yoga works and how you will benefit you for a lifetime. Most importantly you will also be having a fun at the same time.

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