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Revitalize Your Inner Health

Sunday Afternoon - Monthly Workshop

Exploring Yourself - Exploring Yoga - Group Stretching



December - No Workshop




Inside a Private Yoga Studio in Collingwood. Once registered all details can be given to you.


The Sunday workshop is from 1.30pm to 4.00pm. These monthly workshops fill up quickly! Workshop is limited to 6 guys. Book to reserve space.

Who Can Come

Absolutely everybody is welcome:

These monthly workshops are open to anybody who wants to explore their body and deepen their understanding of yoga and the postures which we will explore in each workshop. The monthly workshop are in underwear or nude if anyone wishes to take all the layers off. Its completely optional so everyone is welcome.

This workshop is open to everyone at all levels of yoga.

What To Expect

  • Fun Group work, full body stretches, group stretches, with each other and individually this will allow an opportunity to observe ourselves, our emotions and what kinds of thoughts may be triggered when working someone.
  • Exploring how to harness both the mind and the emotional body to work the way we want it to, as opposed to being ruled by the emotions and thoughts which ultimately limits our physical body and physical life.
  • In this workshop we will learn practical techniques how to release ourselves from our minds and really work towards learning and discover how we can physically do things our minds we thought were not possible. It truly is our minds that holds us back sometimes!
  • We will do some deep stretches to limber up our body - (includes contact group work)
  • Explore the Body and how to stretch specific related muscles to achieve specific yoga postures related to the workshop theme.
  • To end - A deep relaxation with a gentle body cleanse through the power of touch.

Price $95

Getting There

Book yourself into the workshop, and all the information will be forwarded to you.

To Register

If you would like to participate in one of the workshop or make an enquiry please click here. Please note workshop is limited to six participants. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.