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Revitalise your inner health
Deep Yoga Stretching with Massage










  Open up every part of yourself, Increase your flexibility & lengthen your muscles

This unique combination of yoga stretching whilst being massaged at the same time offered by GMY is mix of floor work on a yoga mat where you are put into positions to stretch the body whilst being massaged in the area being stretched at the same time.

This system of stretching and massaging will really allow the muscles to be relieved from any tightness, stiffness and soreness, yet at the same time allow the body to maximize its full potential as holding the stretch with the deep massage will increase your flexibility.

There is also some one on one partner work together with each other to open the body up. This can be discussed if you prefer to work independently with just the stretch and massage.

The guided moves will put your body into specific positions , with some pressure applied and guided movement which will be instructed will encourage the body and specific muscles to open lengthen and will alleviate deep tension and free yourself from muscle aches and pains, it will also release toxins stored in body and will energize and invigorate the body and dramatically increase your flexibility..

This unique system is completely tailored to your specific needs. and this system can be a gentle process or it can be a strong approach (if needed)

This Deep yoga Stretching with Massage comes from many years as a yoga practitioner, yoga masseur and teacher. (This Therapy session is 75 minutes)

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