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Revitalize Your Inner Health Become a comfortable person living inside your body


Group Classes / Timetable

There are seven group classes in total for group participants to choose from.

Five Weekly Group Classes & Two Monthly Group Sessions : See Timetable Below (Bookings Essential)

All group yoga classes are open to everyone at any level, from beginner to the more experienced. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to jump into any of the classes, or if you prefer to have a private class to start off with or a beginners course your more than welcome to book in - click the link (Beginners Course)

The Yoga Classes are good fun and everybody is very real and genuine ,but most importantly, there is no judgment or competitiveness in the group amongst the men. All men are tight in different places, because of marketing, media, many yoga studios and gymnasiums have all led us to believe that yoga is about flexibility. Yoga is not about flexibility, Yoga is about you. Not everyone has a beautiful body as advertised - everyone has a different body! and with different needs, some mental , some physical and some emotional .

Gay mens Yoga classes are tailored to address every part of yourself inside and out - so you become a comfortable person living inside your body.

Individual guidance,clear instructions and help is in every class. Do come along and see what Gay mens yoga can do for you.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

7.30am - 9.00pm

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Monthy Class

........7.30am - 9.00pm

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Class

7.30am - 9.00pm

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Class

7.30am - 9.00pm

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Classes

Studio Open For Private Bookings

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Class

Studio Open For Private Bookings & Group Montly workshop



Once A Month

First Monday of Every Month. Beginners Nude Yoga

$25 .00 Bookings Essential

This class is a great way to explore if yoga is for you.



Special -- Book package below yoga class and massage before or afterwards.


gay yoga

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Nude Yoga Class



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mens yoga

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gay yoga

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Mixed -Gender-

With Susie

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work1.30 to 4pm

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::The Importance of Small Yoga Classes.

The maximum number of students per class is 9 people.

It is only in very recent history that public yoga classes have been popularised. Traditionally yoga and the teachings were translated orally from teacher to student. Notice the wording there – teacher to student. The recent phenomenon of public classes are a long stretch from the private teachings of previous traditions; however, there are still many benefits in taking public yoga classes. The important difference to realize is the significance of small yoga classes.

In previous traditions, a one-on-one experience guaranteed that the practice was developed for the student. In small yoga classes this attention can still be given and evenly distributed to all students. In a class with 20+ people you will simply not be able to have the full experience of yoga or the teacher. In larger classes it’s nearly impossible to get to know other students, let alone your own teacher. Small yoga classes ensure you have the opportunity to have personal attention while getting to know your teacher,. This also allows you to bring up questions and concerns about your practice.

In large yoga classes, it’s often we get lost in a crowd. Choosing the right space for your practice can make a big difference. By choosing a private class or small yoga classes, you are ensuring a quality experience that reflects the original intentions of yoga.