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Revitalize your inner health
Relaxation & Massage ,- OR -. Deep Yoga Stretch & Massage
Yogic Massage / Body Balance -Yoga Therapy

There are 2 kinds of Yoga Massage available

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Relaxation & Yoga Massage Therapy

This choice of massage uses a strong hands on approach (if needed) with a combination of alternate firm and flowing strokes, with some guided moves to put your body into specific yogic positions whilst lying down, with some pressure and guided movement this will encourage specific gentle squeezes to target the body parts and internal organs which in turn will alleviate tension and muscle aches and pains, release toxins stored in body and will energize and invigorate the body and mind and your sense of self.

The combination of yogic remedies through touch and placing the body in its specific positions and massaging direct energy centers & the specific body points will gently stimulate to activate healing process to release the blocked toxins in the specific areas of the body which sometimes become toxic within the corresponding areas of the body.

This unique massage therapy will be tailored to your specific needs and can be used as part of the Mind-Body awareness or can be enjoyed independently as a relaxing nurturing letting go experience. Massage can be one of the best ways to also enjoy the wonderful benefits of aroma-therapy and the awakening of the senses because you receive the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils as well as the healing power of the massage.

This Yogic Massage Therapy comes from many years as a yoga practitioner and teacher.

(Massage Therapy sessions are 1 hour)

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