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Revitalize your inner health


PRIVATE - ALL DAY WORKSHOP - 4 Workshops to Choose From


In this ONE DAY intensive. Choose a day that suits you, choose one of workshops that draws you.

Spending a full day with yourself is a a great way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga. Explore the different dimensions of yoga and yourself, and all its health benefits, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - the workshop is for you and however deep you want to delve! These courses are offered to individuals as a one on one experience . Its a opportunity to immerse yourself and get away for the day to relax, unwind and enjoy a custom made program for yourself with lunch conversation and a massage for your body.

The day is packed with content, partner work, instruction, practice and explanations of all the why and how. It is a full day, and so much fun! You will be guided step-by-step through the day, and you will be totally surprise with yourself at just how much you learn in just ONE day.

Spend the day in the yoga studio, or alternatively, I am able to travel to you if you prefer to spend the day at home. Be pampered just like you were on a yoga retreat but in the luxury of doing it on a day with a program that is completely tailor made exclusively for you and your needs.

The personal day retreat run for 6 hours. We start at 10.30am and go through till 4.30 pm with lunch and a massage.

It’s a genuine gift to yourself. Contact if you want to now more or have any questions.


** If you are a trained yoga teacher - These courses are extremely useful for you to deepen your understanding of yoga, its philosophy and learn how to practically teach with a deeper perspective.

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Fundamentals of Yoga (Beginners)

Price: $395.00

10.30am- 4.30pm


Fundamentals of Yoga II

Price: $395.00

10.30am- 4.30pm


Meditation & Yoga

Price: $395.00

10.30am- 4.30pm


Pranayama & Yoga

Price: $395.00

10.30am- 4.30pm

In this course we will discover what is Yoga, and what is the purpose of Yoga - including the breath, energy movement and physical postures.

This workshop is an excellent supplement to any yoga practice and to the classes offered at gay men's yoga.

The course information will be applicable not to just GMY classes but to any yoga style you may wish to practice at any yoga studio you may wish to attend.

The focus is on providing physical instruction on the how and most importantly the why .

This course is a great way to start with yoga if you have not practiced yoga before and are a complete beginner - it is a deeper intensive program as an alternative to the beginners course.


Fundamentals 1 is ideal for anyone wanting to know the whys of yoga.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced this course covers all the basics.


*lunch and a massage is part of the course.


In this course we meet to explore and workshop and practice the classic yoga asanas and learn how to deeply experience the internal and external elements of the poses.

We also explore, anatomy what we need to specifically stretch for each posture, the therapeutic properties, and the yogic philosophies for each posture.

The one on one guidance and adjustments are tailored and tweaked to what your body may need to do so you can achieve the physical challenges that yoga postures can sometimes present.




Fundamentals II is ideal for men who wish to deepen their understanding and workshop the yoga postures.

Some yoga experience is preferred.


*lunch and a massage is part of the course.


This meditation course will offer instruction in the view and practice of meditation.

Together will take away the mystery of what meditation is and bring it back to the basics where you will be able to clearly identify with what it is and how you may use meditation as a tool for life.

We will explore a variety of meditation techniques and alternative ways to meditate and create a tool box for you to use.

Instructions are given on working with thoughts, feelings and emotions to bring the mind to a more restful state.

The knowledge once practiced will promote clarity and calm.



This course is great for men looking to combat personal issues which may be troubling them



*lunch, massage and a private yoga class is is part of the course.


Prana is translated as breath, and means respiration, life, vital energy and strength. Pranayama is the knowledge and technique of intentionally controlling the breath to regulate the flow of energy throughout the body.

This discipline develops mental concentration and clarity, along with vibrant good health and is an excellent prelude to anyone wanting to deepen there meditation work.

Our breath is our body’s primary source of energy. We can survive for weeks without food and days without water…but take away our breath and we can survive at most a few minutes. This fact alone shows us just how important our breath is to the overall functioning of the body.

Science has proven that almost all chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” Proper breathing nourishes the cells of the body with Oxygen, and optimises the functioning of the body on all levels.When we loose control of the breathe we loose control of our lives.

its a great course to help with depression and anxiety - or just for personal rejuvenation

In this workshop we will look at the respiratory system and how pranayama can help with boosting the immune system, lower blood pressure, regulate hormones, detoxify the body, heal the heart from disease & help with anxiety & balance our emotions and take control.


*lunch, massage and a private yoga class is is part of the course.