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Many people prefer a private yoga classes. I work regularly with individuals who enjoy weekly classes as part of their routine.

Some Men prefer coming into the studio as an escape, but I am I also am available to travel to your place to make it easier for you to keep up a weekly routine. Purchasing the 5 class personal pass is a great way to make your regular practice a lot more easier, affordable.

The personal private sessions are available for individuals, couples or small groups who are looking to integrate and weave the principles of yogic practice into their lifestyles. I work with you to help you cultivate a personal practice, or you can use the sessions as a stepping stone to fully understand what yoga is about and be able to integrate yourself into the group classes.

If you prefer to have some privacy or work with yoga a time that suits you then private yoga classes are a perfect option. It is a great way to know that extra more and deepen the understanding of yoga and how it can work to transform your life.

Private classes are also alternativesfor people with special needs who find it difficult to leave the house. Do you have an injury or illness that prevents you from practising regular exercise? Yoga at home is a perfect, gentle way to ease yourself back into an active lifestyle.

All private classes are followed with a deep individualized personal relaxation.

If you are very familiar with yoga or whether you are new to yoga and are thinking about exploring meditation or are looking to work on yourself that bit more deeply, then please do not hesitate to inquire.

The 5 package class can also be a fantastic alternative as a 5 week beginners course.


Private Classes